Jun 24, 2012

Pet Peeve(s)

I just had this conversation with a friend. She told me that she is so frustrated by how hard it is for her roommate to decide where to go for dinner! Hahaha! So we examined her discomfort as a pet peeve. Little things or actions that someone or something does that aggravates, frustrates, or annoys you.

Here are some of mine that I hope will not make people cringe;
  • I am easily annoyed by people who make business calls or text before 9 am and or after 8 pm. That's just annoying. Sure there are emergencies, and an over-continent conference call somehow cannot be avoided, but if you can wait to a decent hour (especially that we know we are not brain surgeons), please do so. If you cannot, at least... a simple word of sorry before the call would suffice. 
  • Coming late for appointments? Please, don't. 
  • People I just met asking for blackberry PIN. There is a fine line sweety... Phone number is enough already, I guess. And what makes you think we need to communicate that intense after just one casual meeting?
  • A holiday inquiry that is just not yet narrowed down. I live in this island to work my a## off, not to be a '24 hour' holiday consultant for people who only text me for this matter and be gone after. That my friend... is so annoying.
  • Ashtrays full with cigarette butts . Weird? I know. But it gives me goosebumps :( eeeksss!
  • And,  this one that is well put by someecards below...
ps: Do you have any? Are you being open about it?

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