Jun 15, 2012

Leave me alone... (sometimes)

I have a thing.
Well everybody has. But this thing I am about to dish is a bit… errr… some might say; weird.
Here goes.... I have a constant need to be alone.
This is not limited to living alone like what I am doing now, but to do things like; shopping, book-hunting, eating out (yes, I can sit comfortably eating lunch or dinner at a restaurant), sun basking, movie marathon at home and, … did I say book hunting?

I never really tell people why and how I picked this habit, maybe because I really do not understand the real answers are. I just love it. Not that I will put on a sour face when hanging out with friends, I need and love that too… However, most of the time, I prefer to do things alone.

Allow me to try reasoning it down;
I do not feel comfortable having people waiting on me, whilst at a book store, I can spend hours and hours. I will feel rushed and start to worry that I am making them bored or annoyed.

When it comes to shopping for wardrobe and or shoes, opinions tend to make me confused than assured . I can do that once in a while though but...not every month.

My job requires a lot of communication activities be it by writing or speaking. Be it for the journalists, colleagues or team. You have to meet a lot of people; you are expected to always be creative and pacing in a speed of a bullet with ideas…  
So, by the time I reach home, I feel like I need to switch to - shut the f-up- mode. As simple as that. I do not really like a busy and chatty weeknights. I enjoy being with my only mind wolfing my dinner (no, never by the sink), listen to some music or watch corny serials. Phone? Silent mode baby… silent mode.

I know I am nowhere near a banker or a brain surgeon so I cannot really say that my working day is as chaotic or as stressful. But I deserve a quiet week nights. Trust me; I am a better person after all those ‘alone therapy’.

So that is that. Nothing has the tiniest thing to do with you.


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