Jun 28, 2012

Five People

I read "Tuesdays with Morrie" a few years before I fall for "The five people you meet in Heaven". This is not a book review, I am just wondering; If you have the liberty to decide on who are the people you will be seeing in Heaven.... Can you name them easily?
Foremost... My Dad Luther Hutasoit, my grandfather Andersen Simanjuntak, grandfather Alfred Hutasoit, the genius Pramoedya Ananata Toer and... Charlie Chaplin :)


  1. Have you read "Have A Little Faith"? As others, this one also stimulated us to ask more about our life, our faith.

    "Tuesday with Morrie" is still my fave, though.

  2. Suzana 'bayik', yes Have a Little faith is great too but I agree that Tuesdays with Morrie is the masterpiece. Aku jadi tau W.H Auden dari buku itu....

    Ambo... krn Chaplin is my icon of how you see things in life in the most wicked way... heheheh


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