Apr 14, 2012

To my girfriend(s)

So it has been a while. I know so. No need to go into details here, but I am back. I had a chance to talked via messenger with 2 of my girlfriends this week and there are 2 things that came out of them that still surprises me to this second.

" I wish can be as a free soul and  spirited as you are Abel, maybe it will be easier for me to handle hardships in life"
" I know you have your own pace and space, I know you have your right to either keep things with you or to share... But, try not to surprise us too much, okay?"

Those came from people I care about. So, what they say matter. A lot.
Typical me, I tend to keep it to my self, think about it when I am alone in my little loft so that I can get a well round understanding about things.

I am not that much of a free soul. Even if I am so close to it, it took me a lot to get there. Maybe you know about it. I just happen to have a very limited listening skill when it comes to negative force. That's all. So when things get hard, when people talk bad, when they laugh at my dreams, when they're reasoning my failures... All I am hearing is this buzz... bluuurp... blop and...beep. Maybe, you may want to try that. You know by heart, whatever you are facing will not affect those people's life. So, never let them do that to you.

And for that surprising step I just made? I know you are happy for me too. When I decided to let love in (after a period that some people considered as centuries), it surprise me too! I am sorry that I did not make you part of the questioning phase. And thank you for pointing this one to me- that you think of me as big deal. Somehow, it seems to be a familiar way for me to share things when I at least have a long haul idea about what it's going to bring. Your tremendous understanding is filling me with such grateful feelings. Thank you.

I love you both girls. Catch up soon.

Inspired Joy

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