Apr 15, 2012

To Make you Feel my Love

My understanding about American Idol is close to zero. No argument here and I have no hesitation that the show continue to convey many-many talents covering all music genres and give the winners a well deserved fame. I just do not watch TV that much. So, the same opinion goes to any other show; reality shows with celebrities on it, master chefs... you name it, I do not know anything more than just the title.
But, I love watching family serials form DVD. Parenthood is one of my favorite. Just finished wrapping up season 2 and the wedding scene of Crosby and Jamine- (the two strong-headed lovers ) in the finale episode make me swell. Why? The background music as the bride walks into the aisle is just... hypnotizing. A song that I knew as a song written by Bob Dylan is performed so enchantingly by the choir in the movie. The next thing I know, I glued myself to YouTube to look for the video and fell for this one.

If any of you have the video from Parenthood finale season, please show me the link... 
Anyhow... I am enjoying this one too, a video from Kris Allen who happens to be one of the talented singer from that show I have never seen before :)

ps: I am not into the looping images, I just want you to read the lyrics. Sweetness.

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