Apr 14, 2012

My Idea of Happiness

Life. Beach. Waking up to a blue sky and chirping birds (just like this morning). Coffee. Yes, coffee. Message from a sister: I miss you! Cuddling in bed with my other 4 siblings (and one of them is a 183 cm tall young man)
Check listed items on your task list. Finishing a work. Good photographs. Design. 
Ben Taylor. Jack Johnson. The Beach Boys. The Beatles. Manicure and pedicure (oh, I am crazy about them). 
A surprising kiss from your boyfriend in the middle of a busy restaurant. Dinner. Sunset. Beautiful poem. A toddler kissing you on the lips. A toddler whispering you a secret. Pretending that what you saw on television are all hoax. The bad news, I mean.
My mom nagging but then we laugh at the end. Friends and shallow conversation over a busy week. Calla lily, Peony, Baby's breath. The smell of old wooden chairs at church. Books. Old books. Good pen to use. Did I say beach? Good food. Cabernet Sauvignon. Reunion. The smell of your significant other's perfume on your sheets. Dogs. Bible verses. Jesus. Home. You.

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