Apr 22, 2012

To be one character in a book you love

Ha! I love it when randomness attacks, just like now. This one gets me excited and wondrous. Though, it is not a difficult question for me to answer:
If I can be an additional character in a book, the book will be…  TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD.
Here goes the entire plot I can imagine vividly. Me, being a 7 year old girl. (Body being as thin as a board, with frizzy hair and an awkward smile) I will spend my afterschool hours hanging out with Jem and Scout and Dill. When we sneak into Boo Radley’s house, I imagine being the first one who walks in. Though, on a second thought; I might be the first running away.
I would be one character with such curiosity that I will insist to get a lot of chance talking to Atticus. He seems to know it all without being pompous. I have such adoration towards that man and somehow, he reminds me of the great Abe Lincoln.
 I would spend a night or two so that Jem will tell me his boyish secrets and I can play dress up with Scout using my Mom’s dress.

How about you? Is there any particular book that you wish you can be part of as a character? Or, is there a character you would gladly replace?
What about “The Cather in The Rye” ? (I so want to be friends with Holden). Also, I want to replace Bruno’s mother in “ The Boy in a striped Pajamas” . I mean, if I were a wife and a mother, I would be as brave as a Tiger in protecting its cub.

Have you read Pramoedya’s “Gadis Pantai”? Would you be a character who is courageous enough to ask Mas Nganten to leave all her misery behind?

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