Dec 11, 2015

What I am looking forward to in 2016

Instead of listing down resolutions, this year I just want to continue an approach to share about what things, events, occasions that I am looking forward to in 2016, from personal life to fashion industry, from movies to what hair style to rock, and from sports and fun and games to politics.
Here goes!
  1. My project. Oh my project. The progress is being stuck with my excuses since last May but I just had creative juices jump start in my head and is ready to continue for good.
  2. The long awaited Finding Dory! I was stoked when Ellen officially announced it!
  3. Trip to Tanjung Puting. Was meant to leave end of November but due to the forest fire math, it has been postponed to March 2016. I am begging the Universe to make this happen. A travel and lifestyle publication have asked me to do a story on this trip and I am thinking of interviewing one of the rangers there who has been doing the most selfless job ever. Find out (and support) them via Orangutan Foundation International.
  4. Aesthetic department: Do you think this bob and bangs will suit me? Also, I want to style up high waist jeans more often. Like these ladies! In colors, to rock this rad combo of camel and red. What do you think?
  5. Euro Cup 2016 Baby! I still have the heart for Espana, I mean look at them the past years! They failed the World Cup 2014 which was heartbreaking but I will still be rooting for them. And the Oranje!--- Update: Their nightmare sets in as the team failed to qualify Euro Cup. #heartbreak.
  6. US Presidential Elections 2016, tho it is more because I am so into the brilliant campaigns they always have. Intriguing and interesting to watch. 
  7. Take one step forward with my partner. No wedding bells no (or, not yet) but one particular step forward that will bring us closer in a relationship.
  8. Continue supporting animal welfare cause and ask my families to join me.
  9. Another career growth. In Jesus name. Amen
  10. One good well deserved holiday that involves a long haul flight with someone that I am so into; has good taste in music; knows how to kiss me and thrill me in a second and well literate and talks in a delicious accent-to a place I have never been before. 
And the utmost thing I am looking forward to... A better world to live in. There has been so many sad news the past year and I do not even have the heart to mention them. For those affected by world's hatred... I am sending your all the prayers to stay strong, just stay beautiful as you are and do not let those turn your back away from believing that we can still work to make good matter again.

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