Dec 31, 2015

Happy 2016

Here's a blog I have been trying not to post. But I finally did.
Dedicated to all the people who never understand about my relationship with my furry children. And who's been telling me that "It is not the same with being married and having real children."

I won't argue with that.

When I rented a loft while waiting for the house to be ready, and my girls were no older than 5 months old, they shared a shelve together as their bed. The bottom of my book shelf that is. I did not have a bed, so it was always easy for them to sometimes join me on my futon.
When I had to do some free-lance writing job to make more, Mahoni would stare at my computer screen all the time being my editor. When the beach felt like it was teasing me for being a loner under the parasol, Marilyn's sand covered face made me laugh until my gut hurt.
Then... things get better. The house was finally ready for the three of us to move in. We packed our stuff which was not many and determined to call it a home. I remember it was a rainy day. I remember sitting on the floor in the living room. I remember Mahoni found a snake and kill it. I remember I was scared... But suddenly feeling save.

The girls greet me with their kisses and waggy tails every morning. They are calm but sad when I have to leave for work. But you know what people say about no matter how bad a day is... your dog can make you forget about it? Yes, it is an absolute truth.

My girls played with me at the backyard long time before we finally have enough money to turn it into a garden. When I flew my old dog Bosco from Jakarta, the girls welcome him too.
When Bosco died of old age and we bury him in the backyard, they put their heads on my lap and just sit still... knowing that they need to let me grieve.

The day we found out about Marilyn's epilepsy was the day my heart shattered on the floor. But through every episodes, and how Mahoni is now trained to alarm me when her sister is about to have a fit... You can't help to be falling deeper in love with them...
When I have so little, or when I have more. When I cry or when I laugh... They synchronize with me. Our walkies become our intimate routine, our snuggles and "sleep in bed" the night before we change the bed sheets is what I look forward to every week. It is not the same with having real children... I know. 
Or, I don't?

I only know what I have, I only know what I can hold on to. I only know those feelings above. That is all.

Here's to wish everyone a good closure to the year 2015 and a lovely start to enter 2016.

PS: Our main resolution is to capture a better family picture in 2016. But I hope you like this one. 

From ours to yours, Happy new Year!

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