Dec 29, 2015

Closet Cleaning

I have completed.... (drum roll) some closet cleaning earlier this month! Yay!
Why is this such a big deal? Because you really need the willingness to do it. And of course, time.

After reading some tips, I applied the simplest rule of thumb by asking myself these two questions:
"Have you worn this (top/pants/skirt/dress) the last six months?". 
If not, chances are you never will again. Or at least, until we have the next generation of fashion designers starting to bloom.
The next question:
"If you see this article in a store today, will you buy them?"
No? You know what to do.

After three hours, I managed to gather around six pairs of pants that no longer fits me (thanks to boot-camp sessions, I am shrinking from size 4 to size 2 #fistbump), ten tops (t-shirt, blouses and cardigans that I answered NO to the above questions) and five dresses (Was I not realizing my age when I got them?!). All will be donated.

My closet suddenly seems to be breathing fine. And the amazing thing is, I suddenly have more ideas on how to mix and match with less clothes! The logic must be because since I now have space, I am able to see clearly of what I have instead of gazing through a pile of mess that makes me feel like I have nothing to wear. With less clothes, I have the energy to color-coordinate them. Therefore, my eyes will automatically look for matching bottom after I spot some blues hues, for example. 

Isn't that a cool yet easy trick? I wonder if you can apply the same rule to contact list on your phone tho :-). 
E.q:Have you contacted this person the last six months? Do you want to? If you bumped into them today, will you have something interesting to say and or hear?

Here's a chart I got from Pinterest which you may find useful.

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