Dec 17, 2015

What are your guilty pleasures?

Fashion magazines, pop music, Justin Bieber, or a very salty-and-creamy-delicious-butter. Guilty pleasures, people say. Something to savor after a long day; simple things to indulge, just cause. Everybody's got them. Me included.
At first, I never really thought that "Guilty Pleasures." is actually a thing. Until a few years ago, when preparing to pack my life leaving Jakarta... I found myself coughing in the midst of dust when cleaning my closet that is filled with... fashion magazines. Yep. You name it; Glamour, People Style, Vogue, ELLE, and more Vogue. 
  1. Yes fashion magazines. I know...I know... you cannot just follow what magazines tell you to do, or worse, advise you to buy hand bags you cannot afford because it goes with that new hairdo. But, to thumb through fashion magazines gives my eyes a good rest, and my mind a well deserved "pause". I can be present. Just, be there. I can actually stop thinking about work, news, and problems just by staring at a picture of a well structured hand bags; admiring the details, imagining the texture. Do I go online and check the price, no, never. I just enjoy the view and sometimes sniff the smell of the paper before they turn dog-eared.  Also, when flipping through the pages, there will always be styling tips I can memorize to someday try to copy.
  2. Watching movies I have seen for the umpteenth of time: Good Will Hunting, Remember The Titans, I am Sam, Men of Honor, The Mighty Ducks sequels, Lion King... Why?  Because I enjoy knowing how things ends. It's safe and comforting to know that this bad and sad scene will soon be over with a good ending. The same rule goes with books. I re read the ones I love. Weird, yes? And it scares me to think if this is also how I see most things in life, especially relationship. I like to know. It gives me pleasure to know. Not knowing kills me.
  3. Salty butter with sprinkles of truffle that melts in your mouth in a second. Oh yes baby. And I am fully aware that it is bad to fill up on bread (with butter!) while waiting for your steak dinner to be ready... But I cannot help it. I am just relieved to be dating someone who does not think I am a human elephant. Tho, he loves to tease me by calling me "A black hole."
  4. Trashy serials that makes me feel like I have nothing decent to wear in my closet. It is horrible, ya ya ya and yet I can tell you exactly what happened at the end of 90210. Or, Gossip Girls. But I am a religious follower of Private Practice too, so I guess that should make me a bit smarter? 
  5. Buying the same stuff(s) again and again just because I know it works. Evidence: A serious galore of striped tops, white shirts and tees, dark-blue of everything, and a pile of gingham pattern). I swear to you I will never be able to buy myself a flower patterned blouse... Nothing wrong with it, it is just not familiar. It does not give me that tingling feeling of "guilty pleasures".
PS: A different take on Guilty Pleasure which I like!
Savory Sweetness

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