Jul 31, 2015

Max The Hero Dog

Finally! A movie that I am excited to see and tear-jerk this year! This canine adventure one is from the director of Remember The Titans (all-time fave) and a producer of Marley and Me (family's fave).

Max the Hero Dog

" "Max" played by five Belgian Malinois, but Carlos played in almost 80% of the movie. Four other Belgian Malinois dogs had their facial features carefully dyed to resemble and assist, each one with his own specialty. Jagger served as the main understudy. Dude specialized in jumping, Pilot in knocking people down and play-fighting. Pax was used for running shots and "happens to be good at showing his teeth," says Mathlide de Cagny of Birds & Animals Unlimited, who trained the dogs with O.J. Knighten.

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