Jul 8, 2015

Current obsession: All Things Linen

For years, I have always been a striped frenzy. Does not matter how my families and friends keep telling me "Tressabel you already have that kind of stripes!", I will always think "Uhmmm, well I know what you mean but that one is not exactly like this one." 
Then I went on to the cashier.

But the past 3 months since my last "spring cleaning", I found some of my old linen shirts; white, dusty green and baby blue. And I am starting to reconnect with its comfort and breezy feeling again as well as its benefit to give me even more ideas to mix and match and to dress it up or down as I like. Also, I can style them as office wear, or to just eat in a warung after work. As for my next sunset cocktail event, I cannot wait to sport this linen trousers!

Unlike striped tee that comes in various brands, style, fabrics and price, linen can be a bit more expensive. My suggestion is to wait for sale season. Well, that's what I did. And you get a quality that will last you a lifetime. Or in my case, five years.

So maybe, my end of year shopping this time will no longer be a striped top galore purchase.

How about you? Any old/new fashion items you have been obsessing about?

ps: Wish list: Linen beddingcrisp linen dress and of course, linen tote!


1 comment:

  1. Lovely wish list. I love shirts and jeans to wear as it's very comfortable. I have checked out the price and think this piece are affordable to purchase. The jeans pants and shirts are looking awesome, standard and perfect. really appreciable.


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