Nov 27, 2014

Proverbs 17:6

I deactivated my facebook account a few months ago. This morning, suddenly feeling the urge to contact my late cousin's wife, and some other of my extended families, I re-activate them again. Oh boy did I get "lucky".

We lost Eliap (Hebrews; Eli), our cousin, June this year over cardiac arrest. I could write plenty of posts of his kindness alone. And how he was so supportive of my dream, always read my posts and introduced me to many talented Indonesian writers. 
Ever since his death, I talk to his wife, Kak Tiur online more often that I used to. 

Today, she told me that another one of my cousin, Eliap's younger brother- Elkana (Hebrews; taken from an Israeli settlement in the north-western Samarian hills), is now in critical condition over lung cancer. I talked to Elkana quite often too and have always known that he has been traveling back and forth Penang-Jakarta for chemotherapy the past year. After Eliap's sudden death, our conversations turned into something even deeper; God, death... His plan. Elkana's siblings and my siblings shared the same memories of our parents (their mom and my dad were siblings), our soft-spoken disciplinarian and amazing Piano player; Ompung (Grandpa) Alfred Hutasoit, and how we have been witnessing God's grace in every single day of our lives. One of the best thing that they taught us: Be proud of our culture, learn to use Batak language no matter how far you have traveled the world. This siblings are adoringly successful in their career I am telling you. Their oldest; Elisa is one person that the family always look up to. But no matter how well exposed and successful they are, their love over our roots and its tradition has never been put aside. 
A lesson I will carry for life and forward to my future children.
After Eliap's death, I promised myself to learn reciting The Lord's Prayer in Bataknese. And Elkana's been a great support on that. I am good now :). I can now even sing a few Batak gospel songs!

Just this week, the family was floored. The oncologist has advised Elkana to spend the rest of his days with his family. Cancer has spread everywhere. A happy husband, father of five who never let a day go by without praising God is now counting his final days in bed.

At the end of 2012, we held this big Hutasoit gathering. I missed it. It was just not that long ago, and browsing the pictures now... I realized, we have lost 2 people already. And another one is now battling cancer. They were all there, in the album. Singing, laughing, looking like they still have at least a hundred more years to live...
But, how long have we got left? No one would know. 

I am posting this, in memory of  the two, and in prayer for Elkana and his family... and to appreciate what we have today. Because, really...  what if you woke up tomorrow with only the things you thanked God for yesterday?

Below photos are taken from late Eliap's facebook album, posted by him with below verse:

Proverbs 17:6"Children's children are a crown to the aged, and parents are the pride of their children."

Well captioned, brother.

The Hutasoits singing Glory Praise The Lord! (RIP  Bapaktua (uncle) Marurat Hutasoit- my Dad's older brother; man in shades)
One with the microphone is Namboru (Aunt) Riris, my Dad's older sister. Dad was really close to this fierce lady who raised 6 children on her own. 
Aunt Kristina, cousin Elkana, Aunt Riris Hutasoit. See how she handles a conversation?
 Elisa Lumbantoruan , Eliap Lumbantoruan (RIP), Togu Tobing (Aunt Riris's son in law), Elkana Lumbantoruan
Isaac Putra Hutasoit, Detrianne Hutasoit and husband Leonardus Situngkir, Maharani Hutasoit, Mama Rosita Simanjuntak

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