Nov 7, 2014

About Feeling Beautiful

I am lucky enough to have learned that beauty may not always comes as a package of fair skin, long non-frizzy locks, button nose, supermodel cheekbones and perfect eyebrows and lashes that's roofing a pair of bright blue eyes. All  that, carried in a  perfect size 2 (note: I do not have any of those, and yes, size 10 is now considered fat by this cruel society)

My imperfect understanding believes that  beauty is a form of stitches of flaws and imperfections. This includes the mind and the soul, that reflects crystal clear in your approach in life.
There are not many out there that actually seeing the word like that, I must say. 

And these days... I feel... beautiful (and I am not backspacing here).

I just feel beautiful because of the energy of the people around me, which I hope is the result of mirroring mine. I feel beautiful because my friends and families are treating me with respect and kindness, and they never notice if I have put on mascara and lipstick or not. 
I feel beautiful when I laugh so hard it makes me cry.
When my ears recognize beautiful chords and beautiful lyrics in songs. When I read, I feel beautiful too.

I feel beautiful when I hit the asphalt every morning at 5:45 am and when my dogs lick my face when I return home to play with them before preparing myself to go to work (they also care not about my sweats).

I feel beautiful when you hold me and look me in the eyes like you just want to dive in.
When you talk to me gently, genuinely using the words you think I deserve. When you let me eat, walk, sing the way I like to eat, walk and sing which are not at all pretty. Funny enough, it makes me feel beautiful.
When you boggle my mind and my body to the horizon I never knew existing. So.damn.beautiful.

I feel beautiful when I cry and just be honest to myself about my feelings. 

When I pray... I feel  fragile and strong when I pray. But yes, beautiful.

And during that five minutes of time frame before I snooze my way to sleep, I am counting my blessings... I feel like I'm beautiful.

Maybe because I have mentioned you there too. As one of my beautiful blessings.

Gustav Klimt. The Kiss

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