Nov 4, 2014

I give a damn

About overused plastic bags.
Animal abuse and force feeding. And people proudly capturing their moments having a chunk of foie gras on their plate of whatever...(darlings... read, please)
I give a damn about your problem. What music you listen to and what your childhood was like.
Being kind more than necessary.
What you wear on first date. And whether or not you will open the door for me. I give a damn.
Your favorite color(s), and your least. Pollution and why do people let the water run while they are brushing their teeth, why?
Good deeds. Saying good morning and thank you and please. Thank you... is crucial.Littering (I could seriously injure you if you do... *gameface)
Christmas. How you kiss. Drinking enough water everyday. What your children like. What you read and don't.
Mangrove. The new RI 1. The words you use. Zoo.
I give a lotta damn.


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