Nov 20, 2014

Indonesian Female Police Recruits subjected to Virginity test

Am not kidding.
And I could not believe that I have missed this.

While am jotting this with shaky fingers, I am waiting for my friend who works in a major newspaper publication in Indonesia to get back to me with more details and if he can give me any kind of petition or forums to sound my opinion.

My beloved Tanah Air... people have gone to the moon and back, land on comets and recycling 99% of their trash (kudos, Sweden), yet we are still busy being a pu$$# in making a big fuss about that exact word I have written in bold.

This is not OK: Indonesia police recruits virginity test

Sign the petition here, I know... I know we cannot guarantee how fast is this going to be fixed, or if it ever will be. But, if you do not do anything, how further along are we:
Petition to stop virginity exam.


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