Mar 22, 2014

One More Thing

Oh look...look what I got!

A sweet friend I recently met in Singapore gave me the sweetest surprise ever! I have been looking for this book in Jakarta and Singapore and they are all out of stock! And buying online from where I am now living only mean I will have to pay the shipping fee more than the price of the book itself. Pain. 

"One More Thing" is an essay and shorts collection by one hilarious-genius-witty-hawt-comedian B.J Novak. You might recognize him from 'The Office'.

Reviews gone viral on this work of his and since I am not a big fan of love story and or obnoxious fiction the past 5 years (another sign of aging, I guess), I am treasuring this a lot. Guess you know where my nose will stuck the next days.

ps: He looks adorable with beard!

One More Thing

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