Mar 12, 2014

I have been thinking about "Alex" these days

She is a woman with one five-year-old son named Mahesa. 
Alex works for this foundation that supports women all over the world and is volunteering at one animal shelter. She is care-free and bold and never afraid to fall in love.
There are two Orangutans in Borneo adopted under her name.

She makes good grilled cheese and love drinking Chardonnay. In her free-time, she plays ukulele and watch theatrical production every other week. Her perfume is vanilla scent, produced by this small home industry around her residential. She knits and cooks and a real good tennis player.

Alex is my alter ego.

Ps: I think an alter ego or a pseudo character is just part of you that is wanting to go out. Funniest part about it that it can also be ANYTHING that you are not. 
In my case, the contrarily are; I like Cab Sav and I am one religious Chanel user when it comes to perfume. I failed my tennis and all music lessons when I was 10 years old and never really care about it as long as I still have my good taste in chords. I am big-time wimp when it comes to falling in love.

The rest about Alex are my hidden self.

Ps. ps: Do you have one?

Alter Ego by Vladimir Perfanov

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