Mar 29, 2014

If you were not afraid

If fear is nowhere to be found in my bone... This is what I am going to do: Just quit and actually write that book I have been rambling about the past 3 years.
Everybody knows how much I love my job and how proud I am of the company. But this calling is getting louder, and to fulfill that; I have to be fearless. This of course revolves around financial stability. How would I pay my house? Will the calling be as fulfilling, at one point, financial wise? Am I going to let go easily; all the perks that I am now enjoying?
Is status really does not matter to me? What about my health plan?

This can only happen if I am THAT brave... gutsy, lionhearted, and filled with flaming courage.

And, in love life? Oh gawd. This is even harder.
I will fall hopelessly in love. And be vulnerable. :)

What about you?

ps: This post is lawfully inspired by this tumblr.

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