Aug 2, 2013

What's your retirement plan?

Did I just ask you that? Sounds too far ahead? 
I would love to lie to myself and say "Ah, that's still ages to come." But you and I both knows, that days, weeks, months and years will fly in a bullet speed. So yes, let's talk about what's your plan when the work force is no longer your first identity.

A few years ago, I may not have had the gut to say what I am about to say... but now I think I am there. Someday, (and judging from my most likely to working 'law of attraction power ' *wink,... I trust that it will happen).

I will leave the industry that I am now in, once and for all and 'slave' myself to fight for animal rights. Though the idea of joining rangers in the wilderness still frightens me, I know I can take part in it at some level. Working at the animal shelter, learn their language and characters, travel to bring out more of a 'humanity bent' of the society, and the world. Ah, no, I am not drafting a beauty pageant contest speech :).
My love for animals has been built since I was a toddler and now, it has gone enormous. Not only for dogs. I was tempted to share you links of recent happenings here very own country. Sumatran tigers and elephants were slaughtered to fulfill mankind's greed and hunger of filthy wealth. But nah... I do not want to cry again :'(.

I cannot do much now, and maybe neither can you, my sweethearts. But if you want to partake in preserving the earth and its beauty, including the animals, you can contribute a sum of donation here: donate for animals rights . I did and am not looking back.

ps: What's this idea below sound? :)


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