Aug 4, 2013

Life as Marilyn Knows It

Everyday is a blessing, and waking up wagging your tail is the only way to greet morning as it breaks. Oh, with a hundreds of kisses on 'my human's' sleepy face too.

A walk on the beach is too hard. I say run. 'My human' sometimes forget to bring our ball but I can always find another one on the beach, laying unattended. I am sure no one would mind. I mean, people are kind and sweet and they have a lot of things to be thankful of so losing a ball on the beach would not bother them.

Thunder storm is unpredictable and can be very scary. But as long as I have a roof on top of my head, I will be alright. Especially if I can still see a glimpse of 'my human's' shadow in another room. I know everything is going to be fine.

Denta stix? Nom...nom...nom

I cannot decide which one I like the best; sunshine or rain? I do not get why mankind can open their blinds to square back how a day is going to be by just looking at the sky. You can soak in the warmth of sunshine... and playing under the rain is just as fun!

Anyone welcome to our house is welcome to my heart. This valids to Axl too, another dog 'my human' brought home a month ago. I like him. Almost as much as I like tennis balls, but not as much as I like denta stix. My friend Mahony has a different idea but that's fine. We are resulting a good dynamic, she and I.

I do not get what can happen in human's life... They can be very angry waking up and going to work, they can cry when it comes to their friends or relatives and even families.
Sometimes, they came home with a sour face and they look very weary. My over the top greeting seems to always work its magic to cheer them up. Once they caress me, I think my happy energy got transferred to them too. But still, I do not understand what can cause their unhappiness. I mean, I know thunder storms can be very scary but humans are bigger than me... So, it cannot be thunderstorms... It must be something else.

Every meal is a bliss. And I will finish them to the very last crumbs. I am thankful for everything that is given to be by 'my human'. 

Whenever 'my human' is away, I just spend time thinking of them and waiting earnestly so see them coming home and end their day with me snuggling in their arms. I would like to let them know that tomorrow is another happy day.

Oh, did I say that Life is a blessing?

One fine day at the beach.

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