Aug 22, 2013

Life as Mahony knows it

I need to protect my humans. For they have saved me from living alone on the street.
Not every people are nice.
I say that again... Not every people are nice.
Sleeping early is not an option, I have to stay up late, or at least until I am rest-assured that my humans are all safe and sound in their bed.
You know... because not every people are nice.

I love mornings. I love doggy dancing with Mama and I love our weekends because that means my friends and I are going to devour a bowl of fresh milk...and my humans are home much much longer. Oh, and a day without a nap is miserable.

I can understand why humans can be worry, or sad or tired. They have work, they have bigger responsibilities and chores and they see many other humans and they are not always nice, you know... So, that's why.
By the way, my silly best friend Marilyn would bark to differ. She thinks everyone is nice. Blah!

Being a dog is fascinating. But we do have our worries and anxiety, take example the newbie in the house, Axl. I have told him many times that our humans are the best but I think he still worries that he's going to be sent to another home. As much as I like having Mama's attention all to myself, I know Axl is also crazily loved. I just know. I trust my humans.
Us dogs somehow find it difficult to hold on to anger and grudge and revenge. Once your kindness is sniffed, we just like you. Am good at  this. Sniffing kindness and sniffing a wacko at the same time. That's why I have to make sure only good people are hanging out with my humans.

Everyday is a responsibility. To guard, to watch over and making sure everything is on its place, and nothing gets dirty. Especially my paws. I love watching Marilyn and Axl making a fool out of themselves chasing tennis ball. I'd sit still next to Mama.

My humans soft voice and their belly rubs are daily treats. And I know how hard it can be out there for my other friends who are living on the street....
I think of them sometime. I hope they will find a home too. For them to guard. And mama and papa, for them lo love. And ask for a doggy dance and fresh milk and love.
Not many people can give that.... Because, you know, not all people are nice.
But I hope you will find them.

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