Aug 8, 2013

At ease

Long weekend is here!

I have set a very detailed plan and that will include: wolfing at least 2 slices of carrot cake, going to the beach with my dogs, sinking my nose to this book and be Quiet:), visiting my bestie Adis for Lebaran.

On a more mellow note, I have been badly missing my sisters and brother, and nephews too. There's never a day go by without us checking in with each-other, but it will be nice if we can be at one place all together anytime soon.

And, as if they are giving me a nod to my 'need to be cured emptiness', look what I just received here this afternoon...

ps: I love you.... 

Above: Isaac, Detrianne and baby Nathanael, Benevolent, Maharani. Below: Brave Joseph and a 'really-really big cat'

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