May 10, 2013

Three's a Charm: Going down there

Thrilled to share a few things from my recent trip to the land down under. It was a pure work-trip though, but I was lucky enough to experience these....:

I got invited by a wonderful,sweet, and talented interior designer/writer, Lynn Malone and her partner Donna to their apartment in Sydney. Lynn initially set this giant Andy Warhol book to be opened on Marilyn Monroe's pages for my eyes to caught as I walked in! A few days earlier at a charity event, I did mention to her about  my adoration in Monroe... Just couldn't believe how she listened and actually care enough to make a sweet touch for her guest. I of course,did  not miss this opportunity to pose for a shot. Thank you sweet ladies!

My jaw dropped! Ol' Blue eyes Frank Sinatra performed here ages ago at this bar by Orwell street! I almost gave the door-handle a kiss:).
(Please excuse my so-called smartphone photo quality).

Last but not least, a little reunion with a sweet friend I have not seen in years. The last time we met was almost 4 years ago, on her wedding day to be exact. And Lia is now a super busy Momma with 2 cheeky boys!

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