May 21, 2013

Home is where the heart is (part 2)

Well hello!
Just want give a quick update on the house progress... haha! Ya, I have moved in, hence the inconsistency of blogging the past days. It is not a pretty house to live in just yet but I am working on it. The garden will need to wait for another month or two (eeks!) since apparently it cost a fortune. Surprise surprise.

If you have purchased a house through a developer, you may understand that the house did not come with a fence. I had to come up with extra fund for that. So, practicing a serious cost cutting budgeted life is what took me to this first picture below:

I decided to move the -originally was prepared in the middle of the front yard-garage to another side. The next picture is taken just a few days ago when I had (and loved) to be the lady chief to these kind workers. I am so lucky to have found a very cooperative contractors.

Since I do not have all my books here in Bali, shipping them soon from Jakarta is in the agenda. This is just a snap shot of my eye-candy shelf (most of the furniture will be using the same wood material; white-washed oak)
ps: That Sylvia Plath frame is actually an article about her taken from International Herald. Way to safe more dimes eh?

And, the semi-outdoor kitchen! I am still thinking of ways to design them and have actually picked the dining table and chairs. You cannot really see it but the floor and the kitchen walls are made out of granites tiles. They were expensive... but I got them at this crazy sale at a house depo. From Rp300,000 per box (contains of 5 pieces of 60*60 tiles), down to Rp100,000 per box.
Yes, that's Solikhin the real chief worker.


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