May 8, 2013

Tea Towels for Kitchen

Since my casa is a bit too...ahem, petite... I am moving the kitchen outside to be a semi-outdoor one. It will have a view to this empty land with tall trees underneath a blue-sky backdrop. I cannot show you the picture now since it is still being built:). Let's wait for a week or two for that, will you?

However, I could not stop thinking about how am I going to give signature touch to it. Great artwork are way beyond what I can afford of at this moment, so here's a good time where creative juices can come in handy!

What do you think of tea towels? They are chic and simple and give a quirky vibe to a kitchen decor, and making it less boring. Cheap too! I have been eyeing on them and thinking about getting a few to then frame them... :)

ps: this one is best for living room foyer, don't you think?


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