Apr 3, 2013

Women of God (in the making)

A few years ago, I posted this poem. 
But here below, I will try to jot down what I understand from the beautiful phrases, with my limited wisdom from my lacking of life experience.

Tough vs Tender.
I may appear tough and bold. But what I am actually doing is trying to hide my fragile heart. This means, I still have no idea what tender really means.

Coarse vs Kind
I am not always kind. Obviously.

Rude vs Refined
Rude is easy. But refined acts takes effort and I am not going to stop being molded.

Fame vs Faith
Fame and fortune is, funny enough... can follow you when you have faith. Whether or not you want it. But trust me, faith comes first.

Greed vs Good
Greed is contagious, and has a mortal effect. And whenever its lurk is starting to tempt me, I turn my head and consiousness to good.

Vanity vs Virtue
Vanity can be bought. Any man can ensemble one. But virtue will demand your whole heart, mind and soul to be torn apart at first. There's not enough money in the world to buy even a piece of it.

Popularity vs Purity
And last... popularity. I think is the hardest way to purity.


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