Apr 27, 2013

Waltzing Matilda

I am going to this city and this too next week! Both are for work so I will be busy with meetings and presentations and one gala dinner. But I can not help to handle this excitement! Also, I have a few friends in Sydney that I have not seen for years. So, I will make time to see them, especially because a good Penfolds awaits *wink.

Have you been to the land down under? Was it during winter or summer? How was it?

By the way, traveling to Australia is number #43 on my bucket list:)


  1. Australia... Hmmm. Gak berani naruh di list. (Saia mah jelajah Asia dulu deh yang murah meriah hehehe.)

  2. Just put them in!When I jot my bucket list down, I did not really think about how and when... hahahaha...You never know....;)

  3. Actually I never have a bucket list. All I ever want is... that I don't want anything anymore :)


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