Apr 24, 2013

The Person Your Dog Thinks You Are

Tressabel is full of love, is faithful and loyal and will never break a promise. She is kind and would never hurt a fly and always love to share ice-cream and cookies and her left-over dinner. 
Tressabel has the nicest smell in the world, reason why no matter in what vehicle; cars, taxi, bike, or her friend's car she is coming home with, we will always be there by the gate to greet her. We can smell her from a far. Tressabel sings to us and she is always happy. She also laughs a lot.

She might be poor,... she may also be rich, but we cannot really tell because she does not seem to care about it. Just like how we don't care about it. 

She strokes with such gentleness because she's actually a very sensitive person, even though she sometimes try to be the bad-cop; a skill she always fail to try!
Tressabel does not judge, she appreciates nature and flowers and she gets why we love to chase butterflies.
She's also a mama bear!

Tressabel is patient, caring but strong, playful but mindful, honest, genuine and will do anything...anything not to let the people or the pets she cares about get hurt and cry.
She is also good with kids... 

Well, that, we are not too fond of.

Lennon, Mahony, Marilyn

(If only I am half of the person my dogs think I am, I deserve a treat!)


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