Apr 11, 2013


My nephew excitedly told me the whole story about his recent outbound trip. " My class went to this little village near Bogor and we did many interesting activities... bathe the cows, play in the mud, picnic, tree-climbing and even bull-riding!"

At the end of the conversation, he handed the phone to his mom, my sister. She spilled an insider's note that as much as Joseph enjoyed the whole outbound activity, the 'Tightrope walking' exercise got him super terrified. He cried at first before my sister and her husband successfully convinced him to put on the harness and get on it.
"It does not stop there..", my sister continues "Joseph made at least three pauses, with his super tight and pale face, shaky legs, dripping sweats.... crying softly. But he did not stop, he continue to make it until the end of the rope. He finished the frightening rope walk."

I learned a new lesson today.
It is easier if you are brave by heart (or by birth!). If you are one adventurous soul and if the challenge you have to face is familiar for you to deal. It's easier if you are initially  a bold person, because what seems to be freaky and bloodcurdling  for other people, might be  just like an easy jump for you to do.

But when you are scared to the bone... When one's eerie challenge gives you goosebumps and gets your heart to pound, will you be courageous enough to keep on going? 
Will you be big enough to face those people who might mock you when you are obviously trembling, shaking... when you broke down crying?
Will you keep on walking to the other end of the line?

Joseph, a 5 year-old, did. And his brave act in a challenge that might appear as nothing compared to what us adults have to face in daily life, is daring enough to make me feel like a little person.

Thank you for the lesson Joseph, I am so proud of you.

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