Apr 7, 2013

Pastor Rick Warren's son, Matthew, commits suicide, church says

In 2005, I crossed path with this incredibly moving book written by a mega pastor Rick Warren; Purpose Driven Life. I have been one follower of his twitter account as well; reading his biblical quote which are always comforting but can also be like a sharp sword-edge to my heart.
This morning, I read a sad news about how Warren's family is now dealing with the most tragic loss anyone could ever encounter; better yet a family of a dedicated God's servant.
Rick and Kay's youngest son, Matthew, gave up on his life-time mental illness and took his life away.

 The pastor's poignant letter to his church started with this line....

"Over the past 33 years we've been together through every kind of crisis. Kay and I've been privileged to hold your hands as you faced a crisis or loss, stand with you at gravesides, and prayed for you when ill. Today, we need your prayer for us... continue reading"

I was telling Peter about this news when we had our breakfasts as my cheeks started to form rivers. I do not know the family personally, but what breaks me into pieces is this aching question "How would one soul will ever deal with their lost one's suicide? How on earth? How do you answer yourself at night when you miss them the most?".
And memories started to flow as I have a personal experience about this breakdown. It was someone very very close to me. This person never made to make the attempt a success but still, the scars left to the rest of family members remain immortal. Keeping us on our toes. Fill us to the rim with worries, and uncertainty. What if it happen again and wha if it will be a success?
Someday, I may have the courage to share more about it but my gut knows that this is not the time just yet...

Now, as I send my gratefulness that I still have that person in my life, I am praying for Rick Warren's family.

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