Mar 26, 2013

Three's a Charm; More Friends

Cindy and I. We met at a party on my first year in Bali. A year-and a-half later, I joined the company Cindy is working at and our friendship gone stronger, even-though we are now working in a different place.  She is a Cap too, with almost zero similarities with me in terms of love life. I adore her sweet soul and how she always believe in falling in love wholeheartedly, topsy turvy!

Chyntia. Almost like a sist. Been almost 10 years since we crossed path at JW Marriott Jakarta. One of the most strong-headed person I know in life. My first year in Bali was fun-filled with our sun-baking time, before she got married and move back to Jakarta. Her faith and spirit is contagious, chatty (which is why we fit because I am more of a quiet person. Trust me, I share more in writings than in real conversations!)

Aya. This was taken at the recent mock wedding video shooting last week. We do not really hang out but it was a job in Jakarta, back in 2005 that hitched us. We are now working in the same hotel again, laughing on our funny memories back then. She is now a mama of one toddler.

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