Mar 18, 2013

Kaulah Segalanya- My Everything

I must admit that it has been a while and I am not proud of it. Church is one thing, but talking to You as a friend is one privilege I am not using as often as I should. How I have failed you and been trying to do everything on my own as if I can handle it without your grace.
I look back and all I see is Your amazing work in me. In one sinful and weak soul like me.

I am afraid that I do not thank You enough.
That I am not shining Your love through my actions and my words to all the people around me. Especially because I have all the chance to do so.

Thank you for your sweet reminder. Thank you for always... always taking my call.
I always love our heart to heart talk and I know that should come to you more often.
Just to talk and let you know that You still are and always be... my everything.

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