Mar 19, 2013


The past months been super tough, and honestly, I was waiting on something that could make at least one of my worries fade. There are things in life I have been carrying around, and no matter how strong I may appear, I can stumble too. So, feeling weary and worry, stressed out and tangled up... I walked home from work and I decided to just be with my mind and read a few verses from the Bible.

You do not have to believe me but as soon as my heart says Amen, I got that call. With a news that's lifting me up so high it makes me want to cry!
I cannot really tell you what it is tho. But it is related with my family's future.

What I am sharing here is that... at one point, one junction, one cliff-edge; you will realize how vulnerable you are, how nothing but Grace can take you where you are today. At least, that's what I am feeling. I am gathering every bits of strength that I have left and giving them all for Him to restore.
I am letting Him to prepare me to soar.


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