Mar 8, 2013

Acceptance Board

Do you have an inspiration board? I do. But I am not going to share that with you now or maybe ever:) . This board I am going to spill about is a different one.
It's an "acceptance" board. A collage of a few unexpected milestones or ordeals I have experienced in the past- and I chose to accept wholeheartedly. 

My board also includes the one thing that I have been dreaming about since I was 12 years old- but never ever going to happen; being escorted by my Dad to the altar.
I have carefully selected only ones I know I will still be open for a discussion for or up for sharing over a cup of coffee or two (or, make it a bottle of Cab Sav). 
Some others are not; only between my Shepherd and I. 

This is what a wise elderly taught me once...
There are things you cannot change in life. But, once you step into the acceptance phase, you know you are not going to let that rule your happiness and your future out. 

I am in such relief to lay these moments down, not to forget it, but to know that I somehow am wonderfully shaped by them. 
Therefore, I am in acceptance. Are you?

Things I have accepted:')

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