Mar 8, 2013

Let's Talk About Ex

I am not talking about how those frogs you have kissed before you met your prince in a bad way tho... Let's look back for a quick brief just to see what are the things you learn from them. What influences, changes and new things; be it big or small, that those (may not be all) sore losers has given you.

One of mine has a more of a main stream taste in music and I used to be very reluctant to it. But he once played Coldplay over and over again and it finally got into me until today. Anyway, he kinda got himself into liking Jack Johnson too:).

Another one inherited me with a good enough of knowledge in banking and economy. Which I used to think as pretty blah but now find it very useful.

Then there was this guy. A softy who at that time never seemed to really be able to make up
his mind. I now realize that he taught me about patience, to be more understanding and how to drive a car!

How about you? What lesson(s) have you learned from your ex/exes? Some 'good move' in bed? How to make the most delish taco?
What lessons you decided  to absorb, and what you think you better detach?
I want to know....


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