Sep 23, 2015

“Elephants never forget.”

As you may have heard, #ripyongki is not a trending topic we can be proud of. As an Indonesian (and, a Sumatran), I am heart broken and embarrassed. And I am sure you all know me long enough to understand why I am taking this personally. And, quite hardly. I thought I would never be as mad as when I hear about Cecil, but boy was I wrong...

Please read here:
Rest In Peace, Yongki (Images can be very disturbing, if not making you question humanity over and over again) 

True, we cannot join the rangers out in the wilderness to get the poachers, but I believe you can find it in your heart to care enough to sign for the petition.
If you want to support further, I will give you the information on how you can “adopt” these beautiful beautiful creature.

Should there be another petition to be sent over to RI President so this cause will be brought up to his attention, I will re share. There’s a gigantic monster out there behind this illegal trading business. An elephant ivory is worth USD3,000 /kg… and, that's just the down payment. The real payment: Our children later in the future only being able to see them in pictures. We have to let the authorities know how much we need them to get into the roots of this evil. Greed, that is.

Thank you, friends… I would really appreciate your time. 

“Elephants never forget.” they say.

So why should we?

ps: I am grieving. I am sorry, Yongki... I am so so sorry for what we have done to you and your families.

Not Yongki. This is just a picture I got from Pinterest. It broke me to pieces.

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