Oct 4, 2015

She's Always a Woman to Me

Just last week, a kind, loving, handsome, tall and broad man with a delicious accent told me something I have never heard of before. 
"Stop trying to push me away, Tressabel. I am not going anywhere."

I will spare you the details of what made him say that. But I can tell you that at that time, the floor underneath my shaking legs was suddenly curated with pieces of my heart. Like a collage. Forming shapes I have never imagined before. 
Was I scared? No. I was terrified. 

But from then on, I am learning... to not push people away. Especially, not him.

ps: This song is not about me. It represents a man's true love to a woman I am very close to in life. That man is gone now, but I want to believe that the same kind of love is still existing.

If not, maybe just a half of that kind of love?

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