May 7, 2015

You Were There

Mellow mode, activated.

I used to watch this movie: Simon Birch with my Dad for like a gazillion times. Today, I dare not to watch it again, as... I am not so into forming rivers on my cheeks anymore. As in, I am too embarrassed to (But I know I would!). 

Ever since, I always thought of the soundtrack as one of our songs, just like this one; hoping that he will Remember Me this Way :).

If you have not seen it, please do so. And try to listen to the song and pay attention to the lyrics... If you know me well enough, you will understand why I am reaching out for Kleenex as I am typing this post down.

ps: "And it hurts, when I smile. Cause my heart still remembers when you were around. Bapak"

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