May 27, 2015

Pet Peeves 2.0

What's on your list? Are they adding up? Are you ditching any of them?
As a big time worrier, it seems that my list keeps mounting up. I am not proud of it because it makes me feel like a nagging 65 y.o woman (and I am only a 60 year old).

But, sweethearts... I just cannot bear the vision of:
  • People at work walking...s l o w l y... It is like being in a factory with snail workers! Time is ticking, you have not put your make-up on which means you are not ready for work and.... and... it is already TOMORROW in Australia!;
  • Shopping Mall scene: Children screaming and crying for toys;
  • Restaurant scene: Mothers dining with their children but being busy with phones. And I am pretty sure that they are posting"Quality time with my kids." pictures on social media.
This illustration below are Emily's and my other pet peeves are listed here . 

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