May 9, 2015

The Worrier's Guide to Life

Gemma did it again! And now, she published her new book The Worrier's Guide to Life where she dispenses life advises and how a worrier get through the day. 
I need this book, immediately.
Why? Because this resonates sooo true for me as right at this moment, I am thinking about: 

What are my dogs doing at the moment? Is my vet really is the best in the island?
Do I need a haircut? 
Was my skin dryer this time of the year, last year? I mean, these freckles... ?
Will I live long and healthy enough to pay my mortgage?
Am I too old for that (wear pink sneakers, try bungee, wear Bambi tee)?
But I must be too young to do that (write my will) ?
Are my siblings happy?
What's with that neighbor that keeps leaving their dogs out in the rain?
Do I really think I have done enough for animal welfare?
Am I ever going to have my own baby? 
Do I sing off-key? Of course...
Did I unplug the iron?
Will I ever going to be lucky enough to raise a wonderful boy?
Seriously, maybe I need to call my neighbor to check on my iron plug?!

Oh, and also... Whatever happened to Amelia Earhart?! *kidding

PS: Are you a big worrier too?

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