Feb 4, 2015

Three's a Charm: On Panties, Make up, and PMS

A reader emailed me suggesting lighter and more feminine, personal topics for my posts. I thought about it for a while and let my draft hanging before discussing it with a dear friend. 
Loving the discussion, I then come up with the three topics below. 

Let's talk girly!

On Panties:
I love... ahem... lingerie shopping. When I am dating someone, the pleasure might kick up a notch but the main reason is simply because wearing cute, pretty, matching underwear makes me feel sexy, feminine and playful. Yes, funny for me saying this for I have renowned as a straight-face-b*tch. Thongs by far is my fave, as VPL is a no-no for ladies. And they make you look really good from... well, behind. Lacey is pretty too, especially if you wear matching bra, or bralette. And no, you do not have to have Alessandra Ambrosio's bod to rock that pink leopard g-string.
I have no personal memory with any of my collections but having heard of my friends' experience, most of them will throw away any lingerie that holds memory of one particular man the second they broke up. 
On a less sexier note, there's this one type of panties that most ladies would try to avoid (but maybe secretly swear by its comfort). That is... the cursed-you-better-not-be-seen-by-your-man-wearing-them period (a.k.a grandma) panties! Yes, the cotton made ,very supportive panties that gives such comfort to your bloated belly by hugging them just right during that time of the month.
I do not have any advice on what to do to historic underwear. But, here's a solution to avoid feeling horribly not sexy when you have to wear period panties: get cute prints!
What's your yay and nay on underwear? Any lingerie that's so memorable for you because of its conquest with someone? Do you talk about this with your partner?

On Make up:
Because I am nothing like any cover girl that looks adorable in their #Iwokeuplikethis instagram post, I wear make up everyday. The must items are just the basic moisturized and light BB cream by L'OCCITANE (note: always go one tone darker), dark brown eye liner, eye brow pencil, and lipstick; this pop pink peony for day time and two ton tomato red for evening wear. I only apply blush on and mascara when I feel the need to dress up, which explains why my Tarte cheek -Amazonian clay (only 26USD!) and mascara can last for about a year... bad or good?! I barely put eye-shadow as I always feel like my face is a painter's palette when I do. Any advice?
For daily routine, I just wash my face with soap. And by soap, I mean any kind of soap. And even though I keep trying to discipline myself to apply night cream before going to bed... I keep forgetting the ritual. This, is the reason why I have 3 jars of night cream in my dresser. But I drink tons of water everyday, and I do not smoke as I can see how much it will add years to your skin. So I think I am not that bad anyway.
Will I ever respond to the calling of botox when I get older? Well I hope not, but maybe I would try putting some neck cream every now and then from now on. 

Oh boy. How many times have you heard someone saying "Oh, it must be that time of the month." when you snap, or putting on a long face or when you're unleashing the inner monster in you. Period is just a sign of women' s body doing its function, and it involves hormones talking (sometimes raging). But girlfriends, let us stop making this as an excuse. "I am PMSing, so do not mess with me." or "I am in shark mode, so understand if I am rude."
There are certain diets and or exercise that we can practice to minimize the pain, and to make us feel less cranky, bloated and shark-like. I praise on painkillers when the cramp is unbearably bad. But let's face it, women from many generations before us did not make this as an excuse to not discover radium, or to not becoming a legendary writer (think Harper Lee who just announced her 2nd book at the age of 88). I also doubt that female astronauts whine about period cramps. And let us not mention Margaret Thatcher. 
The only time that we can make PMS as an excuse is when we want to order two desserts *wink.
It may be a wishful thinking to hope that one day no one will ever say that annoying line, but at least, for me... If I am being a b*tch to you, it's because I do not like you. Does not matter if I am shedding blood down there or not. 

Read this 7 years ago and will re read this year.

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