Feb 13, 2015

Being single on Valentine's day

I am not big on Valentine's Day. I am a Christmas, Halloween (basically just about Twix and Peanut butter Kit Kat) kinda girl. My only real concern with Valentine's Day is that I have to write pitch/blurbs/stories on Valentine's Dinner. It is a good marketing tho. And when I say good, it means that it differentiates it from an "ignorance to animal torture" disguised as "delicacy lovers" (shark fin, foies gras). Oops... let's get back to the topic.

So, truth be told, whether or not I have a man to clutch, for me, this pinky-hearty day is just like any other day.

But, I have a uterus that makes me a girl... And I can understand that if you don’t have someone giving you a sweet kiss and buy you expensive chocolates and over priced roses or scary looking Teddy, Valentine's day can be a bit, well... meh. Despite the fact that you may not celebrate it with your significant other. You see happy couples holding hands, capturing PDA as #wefie, and you’re torn between wanting to be them while resisting the urge to push them into the closest available water  bodies. I live and work near the beach, by the way. 

But take heart, my fellow singletons, for although you may not currently have someone to snuggle and be all lovey-dovey with, you do have passion and love in you, and there’s no reason you shouldn't express that on Valentine's Day.

Call an ex.
Not. Really, stop thinking about him/her. Even maybe just for today. There's a reason he's an ex. And reading yesterday's newspaper is not kewl, girl! Call a girlfriend instead, your siblings, or your parents. Tell them how much you love them. For no prince charming would ever love you the way your family do. And as much as you are blinded by the thought that the frog you are kissing is actually a prince, you know your friends will love you no matter what.

Make yourself wet.

Well, that kind of "wet" might be the best. But if that's not the option today, get your legs up for a different reason: Jog, hike. run at the beach (you will be thankful for the sore, really!!) . Go for a swim, try gardening (pinterest them). The adrenaline rush and the endorphin you are feeling after an exercise is just as good as ones resulted from you know what. Am being realistic here, so I said almost.

Self fRole Play.
Nope. It was not a typo. Want to play Frida? Try painting, or get a self portrait if you have shaky hands (raise hand!). Just experience art. I might head to a "Paint a Pot." gallery and make a fool of myself . I may not be able to play Joan Samuelson but I can try run a 10K this weekend. Visit the local book store to find new books that will feed your mind and soul. Or, a fashion magazine. Re arrange your wardrobe (*self note) and pretend you are a fashion blogger.
I am not sure with the idea of hanging at a hardware store waiting for Mr. Grey tho, but have a try and let me know.

Respond to a booty call.
A gastronomic one. We all have this “someday” restaurant/bar/bistro list; a new Crab shack, new Mexican canteen, new coffee shop that we "must try". So, do it. Book a table for lunch, when the place is likely more quiet. So you and your friends can laugh till your gut hurt without having to worry about being "susssh" ed by other people.Try new ice cream flavor, tease your palate with new dishes. Make that beach picnic happen (yes, with grilled cheese sandwich and cold tonic water all packed up). For "There is no sincerer love than the love of food."- George Bernard Shaw.

But this below is my honest imperfect wit...

Stand in front of the mirror.
No, not to do squats. Ask yourself how much you know about that person standing in front of you. More than just about your body mass index. Try to get to know yourself better. So much better you will realize there's so much potential in you. What are you made of? What twist your spirit, what elevates you? Ask and explore to the point that you would look in the mirror again and see nothing but contentment in an imperfection. Enjoy yourself, date yourself. It is not about "The right person will come along." it is about when you think of whether or not it will work, you know you will be alright.

Happy Valentine's Day.

ps: Thank you Runi for the gastronomical idea.

But when all fails, surrender to Jose, Jack, or Bud!

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