Feb 17, 2015

Bintang has arrived

I have posted about this before (read herebut here's an update as the official certificate has arrived. I have also received post cards, fact sheets of all three animals; Sumatran Tiger, Narwhal, and sniffer Labrador... and... a Tiger soft toy I named Bintang!
My eyes lit up like a 5 y.o seeing a birthday cake with flickering candles when a DHL guy walked into my office with a giant WWF bag. A recycled bag, by the way. 

Thank you again, my ADL for the most roaring birthday gift ever. I roarve you :-)

ps: I have been fortunate enough to learn that my blog has become an inspiration to my readers (listed or not). Some have actually started to write their own blog, taking notes on my fashion style, and even swear by my soul baring imperfect wits (why, thank you!).

So I hope, by posting this story, I can encourage any of you to do the same too. Never hurt to act a little kinder/ care more than necessary. This is how to adopt and if you want to know; why Sumatran Tiger?

Mama Tiger

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