Dec 18, 2014

What's your favorite holiday treats?

My take on answering Emily Mcdowell's pressing question; "What is your favorite holiday treats?"
  1. Macaroni schotel, Potato Gratin, klappertart, vruchtensalade (fruit salad) and...
  2. Roasted pork with andaliman sauce. Andaliman sauce makes it very North-Sumatran and no one... I repeat, no one can whip it better than my Grandma!
  3. Speculaas cookies... hhhmmm #nom. I can eat stacks of them till my face is swollen!

ps: Coincidentally, I was interviewed for an article titled Ghost of Christmas Delights. Read it here:)

What's yours? Emily's answers below, I agree with her on NO straight eggnog. But I have no tolerance for anything minty in my food. I just do not get it.

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