Dec 9, 2014

Letter to CURRIE Hutasoit

This post is to celebrate your birthday, Detrianie Anna CURRIE Hutasoit!
And I believe that this is something that you can relate!

Even for a genius like Marie Currie, haters exist! She won two Nobel Prizes for her work in two different categories, she was one of the leading physicists doing groundbreaking work in radioactivity (I seriously have zero idea about it, I mean, what the what is radium?!). As a bonus, she gave the world... well... "JUST" X-raysBut trolls and haters of 1911 attacked and judge her anyway. Her religious background, her relationship status was questioned and criticized. Haters came after her (and any of us) for being remarkably happy and successful. They despise anyone who shines, especially if it is their eyes that got burn.

So, it does not matter how you carefully select what to feed your baby with, people will criticize anyway. You will never gain or lose enough weight for haters, because the minute you are happy with your body, that's when they think you look like you need help. And when your husband accepts you for who you are (say you did not crisp-iron his Sunday's best) other people will roll their eyes as if they're the ones going to church with you. When your business attempts fail, and you manage to keep that smile on your face as you try again, they curse you for being "unrealistic." And dear, you're right. It is not even their money.

However, just like you, Marie Curie had plenty of people who supported her too, including Albert Einstein. He wrote her a letter of support, essentially telling her to shake it off. The advice still holds up: “don’t read that hogwash.”

Trying to be slightly like Einstein, I am asking you to remember this; you are an amazing Mama, a sweet sister and daughter, the greatest cook and brave entrepreneur, a supportive and loving wife. Nothing... nothing can change that. 
Happy Birthday, Selamat Ulang Tahun, Tuhan Yesus memberkati :)

ps: Dad did not give you that name for no reason, and... faith. 

Oh, and my post about Marie Curie a few years ago.

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