Dec 20, 2014

Being single for the holidays

and how to deal with friends' excitement over couple-y plans 

Lucky for me, I do not have: 

#1. Nosy familiesMy families are the laid back type. Happy-go-lucky when it comes to relationships. 
#2. New Year's love. 
I have never been a big fan of New Year's Eve. So, a "3...2...1" then kiss- scene would never make me go gaga. 

Now, even the recent (very important) studies say those are the main problems that singles will have to deal with during the holidays, I cannot really say anything much.

But I can relate with... #3. Surrounded by friends ( that I love) who love to over-share their couple-y plans. They can give you this feeling that perhaps you are familiar of: You cheer for them, but your paired-up friends can't help over sharing their chronicles of joint travels or Instagramming photos of engagement rings (#soontobemrsxxx). You're happy for them, but sometimes it's enough to make you feel like this girl on the left with my fave gesture!. They will ask for your recommendations for Christmas dinner or brunch, your advice on what's the perfect gift for their partner of 3 years (that you have only known well for the last year), lalala. 

Be still, they do that because they trust you have a discerning taste. By no means to make you feel annoyed. That's how happy they are. They found the love of their life and is just over the moon with excitement! Let them be. March on that parade if you like as it should not make you any less happy. 

And—there are good things about spending the holidays solo!
Good Thing 1: No need to search for the perfect romantic gift or finding the perfect place for Christmas dinner, or toss one or having to worry if you have too much bubbly during Christmas brunch because you significant other's judgmental sister is there.
Go buy a nice gift for yourself instead, gather (single) friends for a pot luck at your place, or a group of friends who may like to host lunch at an orphanage or at a retirement home with you. 
Good Thing 2: You can skip awkward in-law interactions
When you're single, you don't have to dread yourself along awkward conversations or pressing ones (say you are the new girl), or try to finish someone's cooking that's not to your liking (or pretending that you are interested with the amount of cardamon needed for that dish). You can celebrate with your own wacky family instead. Not with family during holiday this year? Call them. Skype.

Good Thing 3: You get to do whatever you want
Don't feel like splitting time between your and a significant other's families? Or having to dress like a nun just because his Grandma still think that you are a virgin ? You get nervous around kids? Great! You don't have to deal with those. Do exactly what you want, single friend. I am doing... me and 
, grab myself a bottle of nice top- shelf Chardonnay, go to the mass, read poetry book, eat a lot, skip exercise, write, watch The Grinch for 100 times, or Love Actually ;-)

Thou shall not be disgruntled.
Happy holidays, everyone! 


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