Dec 11, 2014

What were your childhood obsessions?

Pop quiz time by Emily McDowell !
But here goes...
  1. Pippi Longstocking aka Pippi Langkous! Her beautiful freckles and her mad ideas and approach in life. Love! I secretly thought of my neighbor Doddy and Verina as Thomas and Annika *wink.
  2. Crossword puzzle every Sunday with Grandpa. For a heavenly bowl of chicken noodle that we will buy after finishing all the questions!
  3. The NeverEnding Story. For a month or two, I would read in the dark, under the blanket, with a flash light. Just like what the boy did!
  4. Play. Christmas play, Easter play, Bible stories  play, ANY play. The stage was my oyster.
  5. These book series Girl TalkDear Diary (When I started to have eyes for boys...)
  6. Axl Rose (Guilty)
  7. Mermaid and this movie Dad bought in Japan and sent over to my Grandparent's for me:  The Last Unicorn.
  8. Milo chocolate and its chocolate bar, Astors and believe this... I was obsessed with green beans and sardines! Like "Grandma, can we eat sardines and green beans for dinner tonight... again?" for like... a year. 
Tell me yours!

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