Sep 5, 2013


I am that girl.
I play Christmas songs in June just to get a better mood and wipe my own tears away. I make strange gestures when I have my 'Eureka!' moments and I cannot control them. Ever.
I may not like half of the songs from this month's top 40. They are not 'old' enough for my old-soul and for my ears. 
I am that girl.
I do not answer calls right away and that does not mean that I do not like you, nor too busy. It's just that, at that time, I do not have the energy to chat. I will call you back. I can make sure of that.
I am that girl. that will allow you to walk away if you think you want to. I will stop and actually smell the roses whenever I am in a rush. I like animals more than most people, I listen to Sinatra, Pearl Jam, Incubus, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles...and yet, read Tolstoy and Harper Lee and draw on people's note pads.

I am that weird girl. Who would really appreciate a card of a 'just cause' rather than expensive dinner and is offended if not getting an invite to a game night with beers with the boys but is fine with hitting the pause button to clubbing for...years.

Who would appreciate space. But might let you nestle under her arms if you really are in need. For as long as you mind that it's the dogs that she will be more often talking to.
Who thinks cartoon movies are the best next to all Sundance fest movies and wish that Pippi Longstocking can be her friend in life.

I am that girl.
Who's -no matter how much she would deny it- ... is a die hard believer of Love.


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